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Amir Savand

Amir Savand

ROCK! It's what we're all about, it's what we live for, come on shout it out 🤘

Sum 41

ROCK! It's what we're all about it's what we live for come on shout it out.

Sum 41 wallpaper by Amir Savand

I really needed to make an awesome skumfuk wallpaper, so here you go.Resolution: HD (1920x1080)Download link: page: @TrueSkeletonClique​

All Messed Up by Sum 41

Another day wasted out of timeI can't get out of thisAltered state of mindI'm going overboardMy conscience meets declineInto RealityI know this can't be fine[Chorus]Cause I'm all messed upMaking prefect nonsenseDrowning in my doubt too wellCause I'm all messed upGoing nowhere fast but circles in my mindSo blindWho are these...